Full Burials and Cremains Burials

At Waterloo Elmwood Cemetery we are as flexible as possible with your burial preferences. From choosing your beautiful plot location to sharing the final resting place with cremains burials, we try to meet the desires and needs of the family. Contact us with any questions you may have concerning your burials plans. Choose from the menu to learn more about burials.

Weekdays            Weekends
Full Burials         $580.00                $725.00
Cremations         $325.00                $425.00
Infant Burials     $300.00               $400.00

One cremain is allowed on the same lot with a full burial at a separate fee of $125.00
Two additional cremains may be added to a cremains-only plot at this same rate each.

Winter burials may carry an added charge of $175.00 if ground conditions require.

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